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NJEA President Barbara Keshishian and Radio Talk Show Host Mark Lev...
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Publish-date-icon June 28, 2010
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On this episode of Carson's Corner, New Jersey's only fm progressive radio show, Bob welcomes NJEA President Barbara Keshishian to the show. July 1st is the date expected for the final vote on Governor Christie's 29.4 billion dollar budget. Find out who this budget benefits- here's a hint, it's not the poor or middle class.

Also discussed in this interview is Governor Christie's radical new voucher bill that's on hold. How does this bill undermine New Jersey's education system while benefiting the corporations? Tune in to find out.

Governor Christie wants a constitutional amendment to ensure that property taxes in New Jersey do not get raised by 2.5% each year. Will this hurt or help New Jersey? Has this approach worked in other states? Listen to Bob and Barbara.

In our main interview, we welcome Mark Levine to the show. Mark responded passionately to last week's interview with Audrey Bomse of the Free Gaza Movement, so we just had to have Mark on.

Mark Levine is a liberal talk radio host who regularly appears on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Business, and many other networks. In addition, Mark is a graduate of Harvard and Yale Law Schools. Bob and Mark discuss the recent Flotilla attack.

In this lengthy interview/debate, Mark addresses the following: Why can't supporters of Israel say that the troops had the right to board or stop the flotilla, but that they panicked or overreacted by killing so many people?

One of the people shot was a teenager with U.S. citizenship. According to autopsy reports published in The Guardian, he was shot from less than 45 centimeters away - that's less than 18 inches - five times. Bullets hit him in the face, the back of the head and the back. Does that sound like anything other than an execution-style killing?

Did the ship have weapons? Bob contends that night vision goggles have peaceful applications. Furthermore, Bob contends that the bulletproof vests found on board do not constitute a threat to the Israeli soliders. Find out Mark's response.

Why would Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs upload pictures which were stamped as having been taken years ago, then silently attempt to change that information once it had been discovered? Similarly, why won't the IDF release any of the footage or pictures confiscated from those onboard the vessel? If Israel was justified in the way it carried out the operation, why can't those things be scrutinized? Mark addresses these questions.

Why weren't the Israeli soldiers hurt worse if these are IHH terrorists? And what about the IHH- do they really have links to terrorists? Tune in to find out. Mark addresses all these issues and more. As usual, we leave it up to the audience to decide who is correct. Bob and Mark discuss these issues for over an hour. This has to be one of the most comprehensive interviews to date about the Flotilla attack.

Please visit Mark's website at http://radioinsidescoop.com

Please make sure to support Bob Carson and local progressive talk radio.

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